How do I use the "Send SMS" function? What is important to remember?

Learn all about what is important to remember when using the "Send SMS" function in the diller control panel.

How to send SMS?

To send an SMS, you press the button called "Send SMS", enter your message, select recipients and send the SMS, either immediately or at the time you choose for it to be sent.

When is "Send SMS" used?

The "Send SMS" function is often used when you have an offer that takes place over a period of time, or an offer that members should be able to use several times.

This contrasts with the "Create Campaign" function, where you create a coupon that members can only use once. So this is used when members can only use the offer once.

What must be remembered when using "Send SMS"?

The important thing to remember when using this function is to create a coupon for the sale you are sending an SMS about.

An example is if you send out an SMS for sales of Christmas goods that applies to the last week in January, such as this

Then you should also create a coupon for this sale, so that you get it at the checkout (and possibly the online store, if the offer also applies here).

This is done to get the statistics for the sales you generate from this offer. You punch in the coupon at the till, or in the online shop, and will thus have information about who and how many people are making use of this offer.