How do I send an SMS to my customers?

Learn how to send SMS to your customers in Diller. There are two ways to send an SMS: "Create campaign" and "Send SMS". In this article we will take a look at the "Send SMS"

Video tutorial

Step 1 | Log in to your control panel

Log in:

Step 2 | Use the "Send SMS" function

To send an SMS to your customers, click on "Send SMS" in the menu on the left. Here you can write the SMS message you want your customers to receive under "SMS message".

It is important to remember that 1 SMS is 160 characters. You can see the counter for this in the upper right corner.

You can click on the blue buttons on the right to create a more personal message where you address each customer, either with first name and / or last name.

You can also use these for store name: the name of your loyalty program (the one displayed at the top left of the control panel) will appear in the message.

Tag for Balance Points is to send your members information about how many points they have accumulated.

Remember that the count is not completely accurate if you use the blue buttons - as first names and last names can vary in length from person to person.

Choose to send messages to a specific group of your customers under "Choose recipient list".

In addition, you can choose when to send the text message by clicking "Send now" under "When do you want to send the message" at the bottom of the menu. Then you will see a calendar; Select the date and then the time for when it will be sent.

Step 3 | Press Send SMS to send it now, or on the specified date / time you have set.

This will give you a confirmation of whether you are sure you want to send the SMS. Make sure that the number of recipients and SMS is correct (remember that the number of recipients may be somewhat lower than the number of members due to some saying "no" to SMS and some not having approved the GDPR yet).

If everything is correct, press "Yes, send the message".

Is the SMS planned and posted for dispatch, but something is wrong or needs to be changed:

You can find the planned SMS under «Send SMS» and «SMS history».

Here you can cancel the sending.

Feel free to also create a coupon for the sale, whether it should be valid in store or online store. If there are specific products / product categories in the online store, you must remember to limit this in WP-admin afterwards, so that the offer cannot be used on all items in the online store.

Other important things to keep in mind when using the "Send SMS" function can be found here.
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