How do I create coupons?

In Diller you can create different types of coupons such as a welcome coupon, birthday coupon, recurring coupon, public coupon or standard coupon. In this article you will learn about the difference of these, and how to create them.

There are two different ways to make coupons.

  1. Create campaign - Create a coupon that is sent out to your members via SMS messages with a direct link to the coupon. Campaigns are best if you want to promote the coupon through a text message, if this coupon should have a limited duration, and if the coupon can only be used once. You can read more about how to create an SMS-campaign here.

  2. Add coupon - Create a coupon without sending an SMS, but that will become available on the member area. This option is suitable if you want to create more than one coupon, if you want to create a coupon that can be used more than once, or a coupon with a permanent discount. When this coupon is created, you can choose to use the "Send SMS" function and inform your members that their member area has been updated with new coupons.

In this article we will show you the option number 2 / Add Coupon.

With this method, the coupons will become available in the members area.

Step 1 | Add a title, description and image

To add coupons, click on "Add coupon" in the menu on the left.

First, fill in the coupon code (this only applies if you have Woocommerce webshop integration), title and description of the coupon. You can also choose to upload an image for the coupon that will be visible to your members when they see the coupon in their member area.

Title, description, and image will be visible to the customer when they log in to their member area and open the coupon. The coupon code only applies to online stores and is the discount code the customer can copy into the code field in the shopping cart to use the discount.

Step 2 | Choose coupon type

You can select different coupon types. You can choose whether the coupon should apply to the entire store, a product, or a product category, or both the physical store and webshop (these only apply if you have webshop integration).

Then choose whether the coupon should have a percentage discount or fixed cost discount (or free shipping if you have webshop integration). Thus, a field will appear with either "Enter percentage value" or "Enter amount" where you must enter the percentage or amount value that applies to the coupon.

Step 3 | Link the coupon to a membership level or a certain point score

Further down, you can choose whether only specific member levels can access the coupon. This is only relevant if you have a point system activated.

Further under "Can be used" you can choose how many times the coupon can be used by your members. Here the options are between 1 and 15 times, or unlimited if you want this to be a fixed advantage. The coupon must also have a start date and end date.

These are only active if you have the points system activated.

Step 4. Choose the number of times the coupon can be used

At the bottom, you can choose a list you have created to have the coupon only apply to members of that specific list.

NOTE! For cash register systems that support it, you can enter the ProductID for which products the coupon (or stamp card) will apply to. Thus, the coupon (or stamp card) will automatically be applied to the product or products specified in the product ID field.

To save the coupon, click on "Add coupon".

Different coupon options

You also have four (five with webshop integration) options on various coupons on the right side:

  • Standard coupon

  • Birthday coupon

  • Welcome coupon

  • Recurring coupon

  • Public coupon (if you have integration with WooCommerce)

Standard Coupon is a regular coupon that is often used for offers over a period, or fixed benefits for members. If you select "Duration from consent", the coupon will last X number of days after the customer became a member.

Birthday coupon is a coupon that members will receive on their birthday. They will receive an SMS with a birthday greeting and a link to their birthday coupon. On this coupon, and on the welcome coupon, you can choose how long the coupon will be valid. That is, how long it is available to customers after their birthday before it expires.

The welcome coupon is given to the members as a thank you for joining the loyalty program. As mentioned above, you can decide how long it will be valid from the time the member registers.

Recurring coupons are coupons that members receive again and again after they have earned X amount of points. An example is that members receive a 10 EUR discount on a purchase for every 200 points they have earned:

This means that for every 200 points the members have earned, they receive a coupon as shown above with a -10 EUR discount.

Public coupon means that the coupon is available to those who are not members of the customer club (only applies if you have webshop integration).