How do I create a campaign?

With campaigns, you can send out benefits to your customers, and easily see information on how it increases the interest of your members (how many people open the coupon in the SMS, and how many use the offer). Read all about how to create it here.

Video tutorial

Step 1 | Click on "Create campaign"

To create a campaign, click on "Campaign" in the menu on the left.

Campaigns are coupons that are marketed via SMS to all members, or to a selected group of your members.

Step 2 | Create a coupon for the campaign

  1. First, enter a campaign title.

  2. Then make a description of the coupon under "Description".

  3. Choose between two different coupon types; percentage discount or fixed amount discount. When one of these are selected, a new line will pop up where you will be able to enter the percentage value or the fixed amount discount that applies to the campaign.

  4. Then, select the time period for when the campaign is valid.

  5. You can also upload an image on the right side.

  6. When you are happy with the coupon, click "Next step".

Step 3 | Create an SMS for the campaign

In the next step you can write a text message with information about the campaign, which will be sent to all your members, or the specific list of members you choose.

The text {unique_link_to_coupon} will always be included in the campaign message as a default, and must be included. This will be turned into a clickable link in the SMS that takes customers to their coupon.

Under the description you can choose to send the campaign to a specific list of your members. This can be very helpful to create a more personal dialogue with customers who are actually interested in what you are sending the campaign about.

At the very bottom, you can choose when the campaign should be sent. In other words, you can plan a campaign ahead of time, so that it is automatically sent out when you choose to.

Click "Publish campaign" to activate it, if you have selected a different start date / time, it will be queued and sent out at the specified time.