Chapter 8 - Marketing Your Loyalty Program


Not sure how you should market your loyalty program externally to your customers? Below you will find our best tips.

Make your loyalty program visible

It is not just creating and preparing a customer club that is an important job, but also being able to market the customer club in the best possible way. It's not enough to just have a customer club, your customers have to see that you have a customer club too. In addition, they need to understand the benefits of joining your customer club.

In this article, tips and advice will be given on how to market your club, whether it is:

  • In store

  • On social media

  • In the online store

  • Newsletter

In the store

1. Posters

Create posters that inform that you have a customer club, what are the benefits of being part of this club, and how your customers can join it.

Hang these posters in several places in the store. Preferably at the entrance, fitting room, and checkout, or other typical places in your store where your customers spend a lot of time or are guaranteed to pass by.

Contact to get a poster so you can easily use it in your store.

2.  Checkout - Cash desk area

Although the customer club should be advertised elsewhere in the store, there is no doubt that the checkout area is the most important recruitment area. This is where it is easiest to recruit customers to the customer club, and thus the employees in the till need to be ambassadors for the customer club:

  • Shop owner of a cycling association.

  • Make sure the employees understand the importance of the customer club to the store.

  • Make sure they understand the benefits you provide to your members and help promote them.

  • Make sure they ask each and every customer if they are or want to be a member of the customer club.

Contact us at to get a template for how employees register new members and any coupons at the checkout.

On SoMe

Social media is a large part of how companies communicate with their customers. Social media are often used for marketing, advertising, and for sales and service purposes. But it is important to remember that social media also gives you as a business an opportunity to have a more personal dialogue with your customers, which in turn will create a certain amount of trust and loyalty between you. Especially if you maintain this communication. Thus, this is also an important point from which to market the launch of your customer club.

1. Facebook

Facebook continues to be one of the most visited online platforms in the world. It costs nothing to create, and is therefore created and used by most companies. Thus, it would be recommended that if you have a Facebook page for your company, then you should promote the launch of your customer club here.

The first, and best, thing to do is to create a cover image that promotes the shop's customer club. A cover photo is the first thing your customers are presented with when they come to your Facebook page, and is therefore a good place to promote your customer club.

The cover image is the first impression someone can get of your company, so put some work into the image and make sure it also represents your company. Keep it simple and straight to the point, but it should still include important information such as benefits and how customers sign up. A good example is the picture above, which is from one of our customers.

In addition, you should write a post with information about the launch of the club, what benefits the members get, and not least how your customers can join the customer club. An example is from the same customer as above:

2. Instagram

Instagram is also one of the most visited online platforms in the world. And although it is not as high on the list as Facebook, it can often be argued that you communicate with different audiences on these two platforms. Therefore, information about the customer club should also be published here.

The first thing to do is to publish a post with information about the customer club, what benefits the members get by being a member of the club, as well as how they can become a member. So it is very similar to the process in Facebook, and here is another example from the same customer as above:

In addition, on Instagram it is important to promote the customer club in its story. It is not guaranteed that everyone who follows you on Instagram will see the posted post. If you also post it on the story, it will help to increase the chance even more that the customer club will be seen.

Our example posted the same image as the one in the above post to their story as well. And they did this several times, with a few days between the publications.

On the front of their Instagram page, they also have a separate highlight for the customer club, so that it is always available when someone visits their page.

They have also posted their customer club sign up link in their about them information so that it is always easily accessible to customers.

Online store - Webshop

It is also important to advertise the customer club in your online store, especially if it is integrated with Diller. Thus, you should have a customer club button that takes customers to a landing page, with information about the benefits of becoming a member, as well as a link to the registration form. Here is an example from one of Diller's customers, Olivelle:

Below is the landing page you will be sent to by clicking on either "Customer Club" or "Customer Club Benefits". And there you will also see a button to proceed to the registration form, that is, the button called "Join our customer club":

Alternatively, you can also create a pop-up window which again encourages customers to become a member, as well as informing them of why they should become a member and with a link to the registration form.


Do you have newsletters today, and you use Mailchimp, MailerLite or Make for this today, then you should remove links to newsletters on the website and instead route your customers to the customer club. When you activate integration with the aforementioned newsletter services, you get a separate audience there to whom you can send newsletters. We automatically remove those who turn off their consent to the newsletter, and add continuously when new members arrive.

You can of course send out newsletters to your members. This is usually a bit more general communication. If you have a direct message, campaign, sale etc. then you should definitely use the SMS function for greater conversion.


We see that many people are good at marketing their customer club, whether it's in the store, on social media, in their online store or via newsletters. Nevertheless, there is a big mistake many people make: their customer club is not exclusive enough.

This means that if you have an offer, it should always only be for members of the club and not for everyone. It is about giving the value of an offer and the like to those who are members. Customers need to feel that they get something exclusive from being a member of your club.

We see that those who have successful customer clubs are the ones who keep it exclusive

Therefore, always hold offers for those who are members of your customer club, and encourage those who are not members to become members to access your offers.


Det kan også være en god ide og ha flyers med i alle pakker dere sender ut, dersom dere tar imot ordre og sender disse til kundene deres.