Chapter 7 - How to communicate with your members?


When, how often and in which channel should you communicate with your members? Below you will find some simple tips.


  • Use SMS when you need to speak directly to your customers, with a message based on their interests.

  • You will have set up these interests in Diller as both segments and lists, so that you can have relevant communication with your various customers. Don't spam your customers with many offers they are not interested in!

  • Make sure to send relevant offers or messages via SMS.

    90% of all SMS are read within 3 minutes

    98% of all SMS are opened

    Surveys say that SMS has a 209% higher response rate than

    e-mail or Facebook messages (Link Mobility)


  • Use email when sending information or news across segments, or to multiple segments at once.

  • Email is a more affordable and efficient way to communicate with all your customers.

  • Unfortunately, most emails in this category are not read, but you can have a high frequency without necessarily losing members.