Chapter 8.1 Birthday Marketing; Why is it effective?


Improve the customer experience through personalization

There is no doubt that one of the most important methods companies can use to improve the customer experience is through personalization, or having a personal dialogue with their customers. And what is more personal than a person's birthday?

By paying little attention to your customers on their birthday, you can primarily encourage them to divulge more information about themselves. In addition, you can also help make them feel special on their birthday. This is important to create a better relationship with your customers. A better relationship with your customers will create loyalty, which in turn will be an important means of increasing turnover in the store.

It costs 5-10 times more to get a new customer than to keep an existing customer. Therefore, take care of the customers you have!

Why is birthday marketing a smart move?

Sending a birthday greeting is a simple but incredibly effective measure to draw customers back to your store or online store. The range of an SMS is large - so you reach your customers even when they are not in the store.

At Diller, you can set up a benefit to be given to your members when they have a birthday - whether you give them something free or whether it's a discount coupon. If you have set up a birthday coupon, all members will automatically receive a personalized birthday message from the store on their birthday. Every store can personalize this themselves.

Are you therefore wondering what is the best solution? Read on to learn more about different practices that make other companies successful.

Examples of best practices in various industries

What stores choose to have as a birthday reward for their members varies greatly depending on the industry they belong to. We have collected examples from various industries in the hope that you can find inspiration for your own store.

Restaurant, Café or Bakery

Many restaurants or cafés have a birthday voucher that allows their members to come and get a free coffee and bun as a gift from the store. Stamp card is a must here!

Clothing and underwear stores

Clothing store that gives a percentage discount on a garment of your choice.

Tips for implementation:

Replace the benefit every year.

Have a relatively short duration on the coupon (5-7 days).