Chapter 6 - What does it take to succeed with your customer program?


Something we see as important for stores to succeed with their customer program is that the general manager and employees have faith in their program, and understand the benefits it gives them. Ownership is key.

We therefore see that in stores where the general manager or employees do not have faith in the customer program, they usually will not succeed.

So to be successful with your customer program…

  • ... it is important that the general manager has ownership of the customer program and that they see the importance of registering all purchases of their members.

  • ... employees must not give discounts to customers if they are not members.

  • "We have sales on X, Y, Z, but if you want the discount you have to become a member".

  • ... all employees must believe in the concept and understand which coupons apply and when they apply. Information flow is important here, so that there is no surprise when a customer arrives and they pick up a special coupon at the till.

  • ... creates all offers in the customer program, then these will appear on the customer when they say their mobile number at checkout.