How do I create a stamp card?

In Diller you can create digital stamp cards. If you have a cash register that supports it, these stamp cards can be linked to one or more specific products.

Step 1 | Add a title, description and an image

To add a stamp card, click "Add stamp card".

Then fill in the title and description of your stamp card.

Step 2 | Add the number of stamps required

Enter the number of stamps required to receive the benefit of the stamp card.

An example is: 6 stamps for a free coffee.

Further, under "Text on last stamp" you add the text that is shown for the customer when the last stamp is reached. For example: Free Coffee

Remember to check off that the stamp card should restart, if this is a fixed advantage and not a one-time stamp card.

Step 3 | Choose a start- and end date, and who the stamp card applies to

Choose a start- and end date.

At the very bottom, you can choose whether only a specific group of your customers will have access to the stamp card under "Select any list".

Click Add stamp card to activate it.

NB! For the cash register systems (POS) that support it, you can enter the product ID for which products the stamp card will apply to. Thus, the stamp card will automatically be used on the product or products for which it applies. Once the customers have filled in the stamp card, the discount will automatically be deducted for the product the customer receives for free / or at a discount.