Chapter 5 - Get started with your loyalty program in Diller


1. Choose a name that provides customer exclusivity.

There are two things you should think about now that you are creating a name for the loyalty program: It should be related to your store.

Customers should never be in doubt as to which store the loyalty program belongs to. In addition, it can be an advantage if the name shows something about the benefits your customers get in the loyalty program.

Examples of different names for loyalty programs:

  • Team Torshov

  • Princess Friend

  • Domino Pizza's

  • Piece of The Pie Rewards

  • Adidas' 3Stripes

  • Ikea Family

  • Starbucks Rewards

  • Purina Pro Club

  • Kong Connect

2. Create segments to personalize the customer dialogue.

Create segments, and thus lists, which you can use to filter your customers and thus send relevant campaigns. These should be limited to a maximum of 4-5 questions so that registration does not take too long, or become a chore for your members. Here are some examples. Click on or search for your industry to get examples within your industry. Read more information about how to set up segments and lists here.

1. Sports shops:

  • What activity are you interested in?

  • Are you in a sports club?

2. Pet shops

  • What animal(s) do you have?

  • What type of dog do you have?

  • What is the Instagram account for your animal?

3. Clothing stores

  • What age group do you buy clothes for?

  • Do you buy mostly for yourself or others?

  • Which brand are you interested in?

3. Put together your customer program/benefit program for the customer.

What benefits do you want to give your customers? There is no need to go all out with giving lots of benefits to bring in your members. It is important that it is easy to understand the benefits for both employees (who will sell the customer program) and for your customers who will join. You should at least have a welcome voucher and a birthday voucher. Get started quickly, so you can turn on more benefits later. It is always easier to give more than to subtract benefits.

  • Welcome coupon? Give customers an initiative to become a member of your club.

  • Birthday coupon? Give customers a reason to leave more information about themselves.

  • Fixed benefits? Do you want a points system? You can create a customer journey with different benefits for every X number of kroner the customers leave, or have the same benefits for every X number of kroner they leave.

  • Stamp Card? Give customers every X number of products for free or with some discount, can also be on services.