Chapter 4 - Diller loyalty program is integrated with cash registers and webshops.


The challenge for large parts of Norwegian retail is that they do not have an overview of who their customers are.

Stores are full of customers, but they don't know who they are, what they are buying or how they do it.

How can we help you?

The importance of customer data and the ability to use it in communication activities is now becoming crucial!

How should I set myself up to help compete for customers?

  • It is essential to develop customer loyalty programs by capturing and using purchase data and information. This is so that you can shape a program with the benefits and personalized customer dialogue that are relevant to your members.

  • By using diller in the cash register (POS), the cash register will appear as the stores sales tool where you get your own CRM and Marketing solution.

  • With diller integration, the cash register will be a hugely important resource that makes it possible to collect all customer purchase data in one place - both from the store and the online store.

  • Use one of your most important resources in store - employees - to recruit customers to the customer program, so that you can communicate directly and relevant with them.

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