Chapter 2 - Why start with a loyalty program?


There are three main reasons why you should start a loyalty program. In fact, we would say that you cannot afford to wait, and that you’d better start as soon as possible – whether it is with diller® or not.

1. Sell ​​MORE for less

  • A customer loyalty program makes it much easier to get customer back to the store, so that they shop again and again… and again.

  • Marketing is expensive. Loyalty programs help reduce costs significantly, since you don’t have to spend money on getting new customers all the time.

  • A loyalty program gives you access to customers when they are on their phones, not only when they are in your store.

  • Diller’s efficient and affordable customer club enables SMEs to compete with large chains and Amazon.

Did you know that… if you keep 5% more customers, profits increase by as much as 25% -95%? (Harvard Business School)

2. Get the crucial GDPR consent automatically

  • The store CANNOT communicate with their customers without a consent.

  • A GDRP-compliant consent through the loyalty program membership is most valuable asset for SMB companies.

  • A member of diller® automatically gives their consent, which means that the stores have the right to have direct and recurring dialogue with them. In other words, the stores get access to their customer base.

Did you know that… Tarte Cosmetics rewarded members for being engaged, not just for purchases – and profitably so. Loyalty members made up 44% of revenue despite only making up 21% of the client base.

3. Know your customers and be relevant to them

  • Customers’ interests and purchase patterns can easily be analyzed in diller®. This means that stores can run targeted, personalized and relevant campaigns that create more loyal and happy customers.

  • Loyalty programs make it simpler to convert single purchases to repetition sales = increased lifetime value.

  • Diller® helps keep competition at bay.

Did you know that… the probability of selling to an existing customer is between 60-70%, while that of a new customer is only between 5-20%? (Marketing Metrics)

Customers appreciate stores that do their utmost to create a great shopping experience. Good benefits, offers and promotions can attract new and existing customers into the store. If you analyze what they buy and what they are interested in, you can create relevant campaigns based on customer behavior and preferences.