Chapter 1 - Introduction


Diller is a marketing platform that builds customer loyalty so that your customers shop more often and for a longer period of time. We ensure repeat purchases via its own market channels and has everything you need - simple, affordable and profitable.

Take care of the customers you already have.

It is much more profitable to take care of existing customers than to acquire new ones. According to, it costs 5-10 times more to get a new customer than to keep an existing customer. Therefore, it is more important than ever to know about your customers' interests and buying patterns - so that you can create a relevant dialogue with them - which in turn will create loyalty between you and your customers. It's about getting customers to choose you more often. Therefore, do not let your customers out of the store without asking for a GDPR consent: If the customer says yes, you have information about the customer's interests and purchase coins and you have a direct channel to your customers to draw them back into the store.

84% of customers are willing to give up data in exchange for benefits.

Diller's "cookbook" will help you in the battle for customers.

The cookbook gives you good advice and "recipes" so that you can create a loyalty program that recognizes and rewards your best customers.

“Recognizing customers is essential”

With the help of the cookbook, you will gain an understanding of how to build customer loyalty, which will lead to customers shopping more often, more and over a longer period of time. Retaining as many customers as possible should be a critical goal in every company's strategy, and we at diller wish to give you a good introduction to how you as a company, regardless of industry, can create a successful loyalty program for you and your customers, and last but not least, how to create the most relevant dialogue with your customers, regardless of which channel you choose to use.