How to use the solution at checkout?

  1. Start "New Sale" as usual by pressing the button for New Sale

  2. Scan or add the goods to the customer

  3. "Look up" customer by pressing "Add customer"

  4. Enter the customer's mobile number and finish with Finish

  5. If the customer is a member, you will get hits with a name here and you can click on the name to select the customer

    • If the customer is not a member, you will get "no matches"

    • Then press "Create new" and an SMS will be sent to the customer to become a member.

    • Press Cancel if the customer does not wish to be a member.

  6. If the customer has coupons lying around, a % symbol will appear next to the name

  7. Press "Redeem" on the coupon to be used (only one coupon per purchase)

    • Once the coupon has been added, "Redeem" will change to today's date.

    • Then press close, if necessary, outside the Customer Information window.

  8. End the sale in the usual way by getting payed 😊