Marketing Automation Powered Marketing Plattform (Basic vs Commerce)


Data-driven cloud loyalty platform with marketing automation for SME.

Diller is a powerful self-service platform that enhances customer retention and loyalty.

Diller integrates with Marketing Plattform to enable email marketing and combinations with email and sms flows.

License models

It has been broken up in two different types of licenses. Where the light license is a bit downsized in functions, but also cheaper than other email solutions that many use today. Then once you go steady and want more functionality the license can be upgraded. The product must be ordered through Diller to get the Diller price (invoice will come from Diller too).

Automate your marketing!

It's never been easier

  • User friendly

  • Create engaging marketing automation flows with our drag'n'drop flow builder.

  • Easily combine email and SMS

Functions that Marketing Plattform Basic includes

  • Advanced e-mail builder with Drag-and-drop editor including dynamic / personalized content and the option to use product and newsfeeds in e-mails.

  • Autoresponders

  • SMS capability

  • Advanced segmenting

  • Time triggered campaigns

  • Split test capability

  • Tracking (abandoned cart, interest etc.)

  • Facebook lead ads connector

  • Volum limitation to 10 X number of members

Functions that Marketing Plattform Commerce includes

  • Same as Basic +

  • Deep data/POS data

  • Unlimited in volumes of sending

  • Triggers

  • Automation and Flow builder

Flow Builder

  • Create your customer journeys

  • Create customer journeys with drag'n'drop

  • Segment your target audience

  • Use deep data such as purchase history

  • Combine multiple channels

Tailor communication based on

  • Interest data

  • Demographic data

  • User behaviour

  • Browsing history

  • Purchase data

  • Lead score

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