Release Notes v24


Chenages in Diller Retailer 13.10.2023


  • Members: When re-registering points, it is possible to select the department where the purchase was made.

  • Members: Added option for gender of child.

  • Members: Added "Save" button in the upper right corner of the screen when changes are made to a member. Then you don't have to scroll far down to save your changes.

  • Members: Show the number of members based on lists.

  • Children's birthday: Options for birthday format for children's birthday:

    • Only: Year

    • Only: Month & Year

    • Full date field: Day, Month and Year

    • Name is also optional

  • Option to hide several departments for members.

  • Voucher: Option to give individual members a voucher, and the choice of a member to be notified via SMS even without SMS consent.

  • Members: Home department is saved as a separate field --> Display of the department where the member was registered for the first time. Those who may not have a home department will be assigned one when they shop in a store for the first time.

  • Clip card: Support for adding your own product ID for products in the online store on the same clip card.

  • Lipscore integration: Support for giving feedback to the relevant store in addition to the product.

  • API query: Option to show which coupons and coupon cards the customer has.

  • Added fixed price coupon (club price) for one product for some POSs.

  • SMS Stop Tag for those who have the service with a short number (Sweden and Norway)


  • Retailer: Option to choose identifiers for members other than phone number.

  • Retailer: Changed the display of available and used coupons to improve the user interface.

  • Retailer: Scheduled sms are now shown in history as pending.

  • Retailer Mobil: Search field for members made visible.

  • Display of decimal rounded amounts.

  • Fix for increased support for recurring coupon for some POSs.

  • QR code prefix for some POSs for identification of the member in the till.

  • Correction: Display of coupons sent via SMS and display of coupons on the member page are now more likeable.

  • Correction: Fixed graphics on forgotten password e-mail to make the button more visible.

  • Correction: Last purchase and total purchase amount are now shown correctly in the member list.

  • Correction: Option to delete stamp cards.