Release Notes v22


Released 22.09.2022.


  • Launch of the domain, for Denmark.

  • Danish language pack added.

  • It is now possible to turn off both QR code and ""Swipe to use"" on coupons.

  • Possible to update/clean the address of members through This is an additional function that must be paid for. Contact our support team for more information.

  • Klaviyo integration with synchronization of transactions and segments.

  • Diller API V2 published (extended API with several upgrades)


  • Improvements to how quickly SMS are sent out.

  • Returning orders on Shopify will now deduct points earned on this order.

  • Vouchers associated with membership levels are correctly reset when members lose their points and membership levels.

  • Members cannot receive minus points, these will always stop at 0.

  • Appearance of the transaction history on members has been improved.

  • Non-binary has been added to the gender list.