Release Notes v20


Released 18.01.2022


  • Simpler registration form: You can now choose what is to be displayed in the registration form and what is not. In addition, you can choose which of these fields is mandatory to answer. This only applies to and not to Wordpress - forms.

  • Improvement of the onboarding page: You can now change the background color and the color of the text. You can also have a separate onboarding page for each of the store's departments.

  • Select product or product category: If you have an online store integrated with the customer club, you can limit the coupons to one specific product or product category. A search button has now been added so that you can complete the search before the search for the product or product category begins.

  • Reset points system: The possibility to reset all points on its members. This can be found under Settings -> Points system

  • Change of points system: Change of points or membership of a member has now been changed. Points and member level have been greyed out, but a "Change points" button has been added.<br>Using this you can add or subtract points from the member, in addition to adding a comment on the change of points. The membership level will thus change automatically.

  • Birthday format improvement: The format of the birthday will now be the same as in the browser settings, whether it is DD-MM-YYYY, YYYY-MM-DD, YYYY-DD-MM or MM-DD-YYYY

  • Stamp cards in the transaction history: When using many stamp cards, the samps will now be collected under the same line in the transaction history.

  • Different roles: You can now add users to the control panel with different roles - both administrator and employee roles. Employee role will have limited access.

  • List for the purchase of a product that lasts for X days after purchase: You can now create a list for the purchase of a specific product, which in turn can be limited to last for X days after the purchase of the product. For example; When purchasing an annual pass, the customer will receive the benefits of an annual pass for 360 days before the benefits disappear.