The most important customer dialogues you should create in Diller


We provide three different packages tailored to meet various needs when it comes to customer communication. Whether you're starting with our foundational Diller SMB Pro package or seeking advanced automation in SMS and email marketing, we equip you with the essential tools to create stronger connections with your customers.

But what makes automated customer dialogue so crucial? By maintaining continous and personalized communication with your customers, you not only strengthen their connection to your business but also increase customer engagement and loyalty. From welcome offers and birthday greetings to targeted campaigns and automated product recommendations, this form of dialogue gives you the opportunity to build deep and lasting relationships with each individual customer.

Diller SMB Pro

  • Welcome offers via SMS. See how here.

  • Birthday offers via SMS. See how here.

  • Seasonal communication via SMS. See how here.

  • Segmented campaigns based on member interests via SMS.

  • Schedule campaigns for important marketing days via SMS.

Diller Pro med automatisert SMS-markedsføring

With our module for automated SMS marketing, we handle SMS dispatches for you. Based on customers' actual purchase data, we automate dispatches and create a personalized SMS dialogue with your members from the moment they sign up, all without you needing to lift a finger. Read more here.

  • Automated SMS based on member details.

  • Automated SMS based on points/membership level.

  • Automated SMS after purchase of specific products/categories.

  • Product recommendations via SMS based on past purchases.

  • Automated SMS reminders for customer inactivity within a defined period.

Diller PRO med automatisert E-post og SMS-markedsføring

For an even more comprehensive approach to marketing, we now offer a solution that combines automated SMS marketing with email marketing. Customize and send emails and SMS messages based on the customer's interests and behavior. Read more here.

  • Product recommendations via SMS and email based on previous interactions.

  • Personalized recommendations via SMS and email based on customer purchase history.

  • Solicit product reviews and feedback from customers.

  • Abandoned cart functionality.